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Every day, in business,  we face challenges, from the simple to the complex. These challenges often require us to solve problems in a way that breaks old habits and traditional paradigms. In order to meet challenges effectively, we need the ability to innovate on demand.

Innovating calls for breakthrough thinking,  a blend of insights, imaginations, analysis and action. Foursight is a tool that helps bolster each of these thinking modes.

Foursight is an assessment that gauges your problem-solving preferences. Organizations and individuals can apply Foursight to foster, innovation, collaboration and effective problem solving.  gl



Do You Want to…

  •  Balance teams for success?
  • Turn  individual preference into team productivity?
  •  Increase team collaboration?


What is FourSight?

FourSight: The Breakthrough Through Thinking Profile is an innovation tool that promotes breakthrough thinking in individuals, groups and organizations.

In the last two decades, FourSight has become a highly researched, field-tested and validated instrument. Today, FourSight helps people leverage their natural strengths and anticipate potential weak spots as they approach and solve problems.


Innovation calls for breakthrough thinking -
a blend of insight, imagination, analysis and action.


Individuals learn to
Think Smarter – NOT Harder

FourSight offers individuals a clear “Aha” about the behavior they see in themselves and others. As opposed to other assessments FourSight points to clear avenues of growth and development that overlay with more than 50 years of research in the field of human creativity. This research has clearly demonstrated that the behaviors associated with innovation can be deliberately nurtured and enhanced. This can be helpful to any individual who wishes to improve their breakthrough thinking and begin to “Think Smarter”.

Managers learn to
Work Smarter – NOT Harder

While the ultimate goal may be to help each individual on a team, improve their breakthrough thinking skills, FourSight will also help a manager or team leader, develop balanced teams and leverage the preferences of existing team members. Once each individual on a team has been assessed for preference in the creative thinking process, the manager will recognize which team member is best suited to take the lead at various points in the process.


  • Build more innovative teams
  • Anticipate road blocks
  • Get better results


Who Uses FourSight?

Any Organization that Views Training
As an Investment

  • Corporate Trainers
  • Independent Consultants
  • Organizational Development Experts
  • Human Resource Specialists
  • Managers
  • Boards and Board Members


Why use FourSight

“ FourSight has been developed over time and through rigorous steps. The measure has been carefully crafted to maximize its usefulness in both research and practice”

** 2006THinc Communications
Evanston Illinois

Foursight is extremely user friendly and does not require highly specialized skills for implementation in the work place. As opposed to focus on skills of personalities, FourSight focuses on individual preferences, allowing team members and individuals to leverage their own strengths and managers to recognize the same. 


Are you ready to:

  • Balance your teams for success?
  • Turn your individual preferences into team productivity?
  • Increase your team collaboration?


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About Gayle LaSalle

Gayle LaSalle is a highly sought after, professional speaker, trainer and former clinician. In addition to managing her own speaking and training organization, she also teaches numerous Counseling and Psychology courses for Empire State College. Gayle has been in the education field in some form or another for the past 30 years.

Gayle began her career teaching elementary school, progressing to a full time clinician in the addictions field where she honed her knowledge of people and the role of choices in making any sustained life change. This lead to Gayle’s working as a trainer for the state of New York, working with child welfare workers to help them promote change and health for their clients

Gayle as a unique ability to deliver presentations that are fun, entertaining and challenging while focused on the how to as opposed to jargon and hype.  She is as comfortable speaking to an audience of only a few as she is speaking to an audience of hundreds.

About Kevin Carey

If a combination of passion and humor, determination and drive, leadership and experience sound interesting, Kevin is the perfect guide to help you build a world class business organization through effective teamwork.

He started, succeeded with and sold several high technology computer and world class manufacturing organizations in the US, Europe, Africa and the Pacific Rim. As a consultant, trainer, mentor and coach he achieved rapid growth through developing impressive individual leaders and highly effective teams in several countries.

His path to success: clarity, vision, and focus. He believes in management with your head and leadership with your heart, along with a fierce alignment with your team and your customer’s best interests.

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